Copa Shipping’s mission is to lead competitiveness and investment in shipping and terrestrial logistics. Our strategy is to extend the company’s influence beyond port terminals and prevailing traditional shipping industries by reinforcing our presence in the maritime link of the logistics chain. This is achieved by integrating and adding value throughout the supply chain through cost and resource investment, mainly in shipping operations and maritime terminals.

This strategy will allow us to boost competitiveness and quality, particularly in sugar and generally in conventional commodity deliveries to customers.

Contracting freight through Copa Shipping will give our customers greater mastery of the trade and logistics chain, resulting in improved planning, lower costs, and greater quality and reliability in product delivery. Our customers will become our partners as their continuously increasing business will have the reciprocal and immediate benefit of affording us the leverage to negotiate even more aggressively on their behalf: management of ship loading times will improve, the entire trade and logistics chain will function optimally while asset use improves, benefiting all our end customers throughout the worldwide market.